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Huon Pine Timber


Huon Pine's richness of colour and figure make it one of the worlds most desirable furniture and craft timbers.

Its fine and even grain makes the wood exceptionally easy to work with hand tools.

Supply of Huon Pine is extremly limited now and most that is available has been salvaged from rivers, lakes and the forest floors.



Blackwood Timber


Blackwood is hard, stable and long lasting. The variety of tonings ranging from light golden brown to deep brown, often with a redish tint, makes Tasmanian Blackwood a fine craft timber.

It is prized by craft wood-workers for its lustruos grain, high degree of resilience and ease of working.



Myrtle Timber


The timber varies from light pink through to a rich red, red brown. This richness of colour, combined with the fine grain which is either straight or wavy with clearly visable growth rings, produces a surface alive with charachter and individuality. Myrtle, especially the deep red timber, is prized as a furniture, wood turning and paneling timber. 





Sassafras is light and strong and easily worked. It may be regarded as an intermediate between hardwoods and softwoods. The timber is renowned in the furniture trade for its ease of working and its creamy gray colour and its spectacular "black heart', created by fungi in the heart wood of some trees.